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 The hoedown on skinning.

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The hoedown on skinning. Empty
PostSubject: The hoedown on skinning.   The hoedown on skinning. EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 3:00 pm

Alright, so here's the basic tutorial on skinning. For a more in-depth look, here's Pachy's tut on OGP:


1. An art-program (I suggest either Gimp, Photoshop or Paint.NET)

2. A copy of JPOG (Use this to test skins. NOTE: Always make a backup of the original, in case you need to fix something.)

3. A copy of ConvertCCT.

4. A DDS Converter.

5. An HHD Hex Editor,

The skinning community has plenty of tutorials, so if this won't help, look elsewhere. With that said, let's begin;

Alright, so you think you can skin? Then this tutorial is for you. First, open the skin you wish to edit within the program you desire.

Then, make all the edits desired to the skin, such as, say, removing a sail or claw, making the snout shorter or longer, such things.

Another key point is you need the .tml file of the digsite the default dinosaur your skinning over is in. You need to drag it into ConvertCCT, which will extract it. After this, several pictures appear. These are the living, dead and (if needed) tooth skin files. Open the live skin with the art program, and edit the skin.

Next, you need to convert the skin. This is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is drag the edited skin file into DDS Converter. You need to set it to DXT5. It will save (if needed) the alpha. Afterwards, open the .tml file with HHD Hex Editor. Press Ctrl + A on the skin file. It should be highlighted. Now copy it to the .tml file. There should be skins there.Notice there are Pachy, Alberto and Ankylo, since the order is back to front. Go to the top and copy the line 44 44 53 20, this is the location of the dino's .tml file. Hold Ctr + F to begin the search feature. Paste the .tml and search. This will take you to the dinosaur's dead skin. Since you don't want to replace the dead skin, click Search Next and it will take you to the .tml file. So at the first 44, click it, right click and paste. After, save the .tml and exit the program. After saving, copy the .tml file and paste it. Be sure to rename it the same name as the original .tml file. Paste the two skin files into the .tml. After this, test the skin to see if it has worked.

If you encounter any issues, either look over the tutorial again or ask Dr. Thrax for assistance.
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The hoedown on skinning.
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