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 Skin submission rules

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Skin submission rules Empty
PostSubject: Skin submission rules   Skin submission rules EmptyTue Mar 20, 2012 5:48 pm

these are the rules you have to follow in order to post a download.repated failure to comply with this rules can remove your download,or,if done too many times,even a warning:

1)you should make an effort to get a picture of the skin ingame,or post the skin in the not ingame section for other members to do it for you,only if you don't know how or cant for any in the download or okay,but should be avoided cause it can be anoying to have to wait for the download to finish just to see a pic.

2)the skin must have a download,or else it'll be moved to the junkyard.

3)add instructions on how to install,as some people may not know how.

4)the skin MUST be yours,and not a copy from another person's,unless you already had permission from him/her to edit the skin or post here, and give is a week ban unless you can prove it's yours by posting a pic of the wip skin.

5)if you are going to make a skin that has already been attemped,you should try to post th ref you used,in order to prevent misunderstandings,and unfair bans

that's all you need to know.follow these and you'll stay out of trouble
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Skin submission rules
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