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 Isla Sorna: The Game Trail

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Isla Sorna: The Game Trail Empty
PostSubject: Isla Sorna: The Game Trail   Isla Sorna: The Game Trail EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 8:39 am

A wide, vast area of Sorna; the Game Trail is a widely used route by herbivores and Carnivores alike. Mostly an open lands, the borders of the trail are lined by a semi-thick forest. This area is also home to a majority of Sorna's sauropods
Allosaurus fragillis
Baryonyx walkeri
Carnotaurus sastrei “chamaeleo”
Ceratosaurus nasicornis "rex"
Compsognathus longipes
Dilophosaurus “venenifer”
Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis
Metriacanthosaurus shangyouensis
Proceratosaurus bradleyi
Segisaurus halli
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus "robustus"
Troodon pectinodon
Tyrannosaurus rex
Velociraptor antirrophus "nublarensis"
Velociraptor antirrophus "sornaensis"
Anatotitan copei
Ankylosaurus magniventris
Apatosaurus excelsus
Brachiosaurus brancai
Corythosaurus casuarius
Dryosaurus altus
Gallimimus bullatus
Homalocephale calathocercos
Iguanodon bernissartensis
Maiasaura peeblesorum
Mamenchisaurus constructus
Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Parasaurolophus walkeri
Stegosaurus stenops “gigas”
Styracosaurus albertensis
Triceratops horridus
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Isla Sorna: The Game Trail
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